Sunday, August 19, 2012

Being a boa constrictor

Today was the San Francisco Street Food Festival. I ate the equivalent of my own body weight and am now going to have to toodle off and hibernate for a bit. In my defense, I couldn't help myself. The food was yummy, there was so much of it (80 vendors) and I didn't want any any region of the world to feel slighted.

HWIL and I started out coupons in hand, stars in our eyes and growls in our stomachs. I was immediately rendered helpless by choice paralysis. Every time HWIL asked me if I wanted to eat at a particular stall, I felt compelled to say no - the next stall might be better, or the next, or the next. HWIL got hungrier, and grumpier and that made me grumpy and before we knew it we were both running for the position of mayor of Grumpytown. Luckily, before the votes could be counted, we found ourselves at the Hapa SF stall. Filipino food to the rescue.

We ordered the Lumpia Shanghai - deep fried spring rolls filled with ground pork, carrots, onions, water chestnuts and garlic - and a peach basil soda to go with it. All of these offerings from Hapa were endowed with satisfying amounts of yumminess and I am pleased to report that Grumpy dissolves in Lumpia.

Our next stop was To Hyang. The proprietor, Hwa Soon, was born in Korea and now, with the help of her family, whips up Korean food in the city.

Their offering at the food festival was spicy pork ribs. The ribs were not really spicy, but they did fare well on the yumminess scale.

 The next dish that we set upon was jambalaya (by Good Foods Catering).  This was mediocre and I was resentful of it occupying much needed room in my stomach. I wanted to charge it rent.

Our next stop was at Chiefo's Kitchen. Her Moi-Moi (black eyed peas, crayfish and corned beef) was weird and yummy. The Bissap (a drink made from hisbiscus, vanilla and pineapple) was good too. This surprised me because I normally can't stand the cloying sweetness of pineapple.
Six! At the tender age of six! When I was sixteen I asked my mother if I should use a potato peeler to peel an onion and she has never let me hear the end of that.
Dessert at the Three Twins stall was next - bittersweet chocolate (ok) and mint with chocolate (yum). That marked the end of round one.

We inaugurated round two with cocktails and chased those down with Takoyaki by Nombe Izakaya. Nombe means "someone who likes to drink heartily" and an Izakaya is a "Japanese drinking establishment which also serves food to accompany the drinks". Oh, and Takoyaki is octopus.

Our last food stop was at Zella's Soulful kitchen for some chicken sliders. Zella is the name of the proprietress's grandmother - her grandmother taught her to cook when she was eight. I am not even sure I could tie my shoelaces at that age.

We washed this down with Su Gung Ka, a drink made of permisson, ginger and cinnamon and then curled up into little balls and rolled all the way home.

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