Monday, March 17, 2008

Silver shoes

Oh perfect pair of silver shoes
I seek thy holy grail
I walk and walk and shop and shop
And day by day I fail

I am alarmed to report that there appears to be a drought in the availability of silver shoes in the market. As you can see, this shortage of said item is filling me with despair and corny verse in equal measure.
My quest for shiny footwear has been ongoing for a period of weeks now. Like an intrepid explorer of yore I have set out in all weathers (well mostly sunshine and a spot or two of rain). I have entered shops where I would need to sell all my earthly possessions to own a buckle, I have trudged down narrow alleyways where I had to hold my breath to fit in sideways. All to no avail. I have found pairs that are so over the top in shininess that you need to wear protective eye gear to behold them in all their glory. I have seen shoes with strange buttons where no buttons should be. If the front is perfect, the heel makes you want to kill yourself. If the pair is aesthetic, it makes an attempt to strangle your foot to death. The perfect pair of silver shoes needs to go onto the endangered species list before it is too late.
My material resources diminish because though the object of my search eludes me, I do tend to pick up consolation prizes along the way, just to keep my spirits up. Poverty and starvation raise their ugly twin heads. Suffering is definitely the mother of all creative art. I feel another verse bubbling up inside me....

The beauty of thy perfect strap
The arch of matchless heel
Thou steals my sleep, oh silver shoe
I seeketh you with zeal

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